Wednesday, January 27, 2010

'A' Morning - Friday, January 29, 2010

New Moon Rabbit Rescue will be on 'A' Morning on Friday, January 29, 2010 as part of a show all about pets.   Be sure to watch on Rogers Cable 6, Bell Expressvu 209 or StarChoice 342.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Moon Gift Shop

Exciting new items have landed in our Gift Shop.  Check out the beautiful new jewelry.  Thanks to Bunslove, The Glass Girls and Lyse Marie for their generous donations!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Frankie . . . a special bunny looking for a special home.

This is Frankie.  She was born in the fall of 2007.  At first glance Frankie looks like your “normal”, “average” bunny rabbit but she comes with a heavy heart and a sad story.  

Frankie came to New Moon in April of 2009.  Frankie and Neville arrived together.  They had both been rescued from a rabbit mill by a kind women a year earlier.  They had never had a good experience with humans and had no reason to believe that humans would not harm them.  Their new owner tried to work with them and gain their trust but had made little progress.  Emotionally exhausted and losing hope she brought them to New Moon in hopes that we could help them. 

Neville as still traumatized by his previous life and to this day is still working with New Moon volunteers in hopes that he can someday trust humans.  Frankie however was younger than 
Neville and has been able to move beyond her past.  She is still timid and nervous but she tries.  She is somewhat troubled by her past but more than anything she needs a home and 
a family to love her unconditionally and to show her that not all humans are cruel. 

She is currently living in foster care and has had great success adjusting to a real life.  

Frankie is shy but curious and looking for a quiet home with no children and not too many other animals as she scares easliy from loud, quick movements. 

If you feel your home is right for Frankie please contact New Moon today.  If you are interested in adding a rabbit to your family please visit our website!  

Another year has come and gone.  2009 a very busy year for the rescue with 13 surrenders before  
we had even reached the end of March.  Sadly, most of the rabbits that came to us in the past year 
had be found as strays and without your support would not be the happy and healthy bunnies they 
are today 

Abbie, a 17lbs English Lop came to us in March of 2009.  She had been living in such filthy condi- 
tions that she had developed sores on her face for her running eyes, sores on her feet from matted 
wet hair and had difficulty breathing because of congestion. Her symptoms began to subside almost 
immediately.  Abbie received the proper treatment and care and within a month she was adopted by 
a wonderful family. 

In April we met Neville.  Neville originally came from a rabbit mill and had been forced to live in cruel 
conditions before being rescued by his previous owner.  He was so traumatized that after a year of working with him she had still not 
been able to emotionally reach him.  Neville is currently a resident of New Moon and volunteers have been working with him in hopes 
that someday he will trust humans and be able to find his forever home. 

Darcy came to us in May with molar spurs that had already cut into his cheeks and caused him much pain and in need of medical 
attention.  His total treatment costs were close to $1000.  Today Darcy is happy and healthy and living in a wonderful forever home. 

In the fall of 2009 the rescue was hit with a landslide of baby bunnies!  In September, New Moon rescued a litter of baby bunnies from 
a burrow under a deck.  These 10 baby bunnies would cost the rescue over $2000 for their spay and neuters alone!  To everyone’s 
surprise, only 8 weeks later Ophelia came to the rescue with a tummy bursting with 8 more baby bunnies!  Ophelia and her babies 
would also need spays & neuters totaling close to $1500! 

These are only some of the many rabbits your donations have helped.  Without your support these and many other rabbits would not 
have the happy lives that they have now.  Thank you to our supporters, donors, fosters, volunteers and adopters for your unwavering 
support.  You have our undying gratitude. 

Happy New Year!  We wish you happiness, peace and prosperity! 

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