Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fundraising With Flower Bulbs - Ottawa Area Fundraiser

Once again New Moon Rabbit Rescue is "Fundraising with Flower Bulbs" and could use your help!

We are participating in Vesey's Fall Fundraising Campaign to help raise some much needed funds for the bunnies. For every $1 we are able to sell, New Moon keeps 50% but we need your help!

If you live in the Ottawa area and are interested in helping us raise funds with the "Fundraising with Flower Bulbs" Campaign, here's what you need to know;

Each salesperson will receive:

Full Colour Brochure: Shows beautiful photographs and selling prices of the 15 items available;
Payment Collection Envelopes: Keeping the sales money straight is always important and to make your life easier as the volunteer of the project, we will provide collection envelopes for each volunteer sales person. Please make sure that all cheques are made payable to New Moon Rabbit Rescue

The deadline for selling is set for 15 Sept 2011You must have your order forms and money collected back to the Campaign Chairperson by this date.

We do not ask people to try to sell door to door. Like any fundraiser, friends, family and co-workers are your best bet as customers.

What you need to do:

- If you are interested in helping with this fundraiser please contact to receive your fundraising package.

- Sell to family, friends and co-workers. Please fill out order forms clearly and accurately and make sure thatall cheques are made out to New Moon Rabbit Rescue.

- Once you have finished making your sales return your collection envelope and order form to New Moon. Please make sure it is returned by the deadline date!

- When your orders have arrived you will be contacted. You can then pick up your orders and distribute them to your customers. Please note: You must be willing to pick up and distribute your orders when they come in as we don't have the resources to deliver all the orders throughout the city. Pick up will be in North Gower.

If you have any further questions you can post them here or email New Moon at

Thank you!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bunny Profile - Penny

Penny is a sweet and spunky Lop mix looking for her forever home where she will be treated with the love and kindness she has always dreamt of.  She was originally found as a stray in the Brittania area of Ottawa by the water’s edge in the dead of winter.  With her feet almost frozen to the ice, much of the hair missing from her legs and the tips of her ears already frost bitten, Penny didn’t have much time left.  She was rescued by a very kind couple, rehabiltated and given all the kindness they could give.  Unfortunately, Penny was far too rambuctious and mischievous for the couple and on 12 July 2010, she came to New Moon.

Despite her ordeal and with only the reminder of her past being a small bit of one of her ears lost to the frost bite she started over again.  Penny is extremely friendly, affectionate and not nervous at all.  She is still very rambunctious and loves to chew so her new family will have to make sure to give her constructive ways to satify her chewing and make sure to rabbit proof her area very well.  Penny is not fond of cages at all and would be happiest as a free range or partially free range bunny with a big cage.  She is also a bit of a digger but sadly we believe a lot of this behaviour comes from being lonely and without a true family and secure home.  She just needs a forever home so badly.

Penny would likely be fine with other animals or with a submissive male bunny (She a dominant lady!).  She loves to make noise and loves to throw anything that she can.  We do not know much more about what toys she likes or her quirks as she has just come back to stay with one of our board members after being removed from her foster’s care.  Penny needs to find a home that will give her the love and understanding that she has never had.  We fear that because of her outgoing personalty and her quirks she may be looking for a home much longer than she already has and yet most of her concerns are bred be not having a stable loving stress free enviroment in the first place.

If you are interested in giving Penny a chance at a real life (or any other New Moon Rabbit Rescue rabbit) please visit our website at and fill out an Adoption Application.

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