Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Respect, Privacy, Surrenders and Adoptions.

Social Medias can be a wonderful thing.  New Moon Rabbit Rescue would not be able to save half as many rabbits if it was not for the incredible people we have met and the amazing support we have received from our friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  We are so grateful to have been giving the opportunities that this has opened up for us.

Unfortunately, as with anything, there can be a down side or negative aspects that one must endure as well.  Over the year’s we have heard of an increasing number of fosters and adopters that because of accessibility on social media, have been contacted by the individuals that have surrendered or abandoned their unwanted pets.  Understandably many of these families are quite upset, angered or even disturbed by these individuals contacting them.  (Please note that although this does happen, these occurrences are still rare)

We would hope that those that surrender, abandon or give up their pets would understand that this is not appropriate but not all do.  Please know that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES have we ever given anyone’s information to other people without the consent of all parties involved.  ALL information provided to New Moon upon adoption/surrender/donation is kept completely confidential.

Having said that, we LOVE hearing from adopters and LOVE seeing updates and pictures that you share with us.  If you are concerned about being contacted, please check your security settings and what info you allow to be seen publicly.  You can also send us your happy homes stories directly and we would so happy to post them on our Facebook (and our website’s Happy Homes gallery) for you, leaving you with a higher level of anonymity.  

If you are someone who has surrendered/abandoned and unwanted pet, please understand that those have taken those animals into their homes, families and hearts may not want you to contact them.  Please respect that.


This note is NOT directed at any individual or specific occurrence.  Our hope is that in posting this, we will help someone realise that there efforts to contact or locate their former pets is not appropriate or appreciated by their owners or fosters.  Please do not post comments directed at an individual, please do not write rude or hateful posts in response to this (these comments will be removed).  Thank you.

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