Friday, February 4, 2011

Bunny Profile - Fiona

Fiona is a beautiful fawn and white Dutch Mix.  She was found as a stray in Dec 2010 in the Toronto area.  She was lucky enough to be rescued by a kind lady but no rescues or shelters in the area were willing or able to help Fiona and she had few options.  Fiona has been with New Moon since 29 January 2011 and therefore we have not had much opportunity to get to know her yet.  

Fiona loves to be pet and is quite cuddly.  She is assertive and can be a bit cage possessive but we have only known her a few days and have not yet gained her true trust.  These tendencies will very likely dissipate with time and once she has had her spay.  She is very curious and like to explore her surroundings.  As soon as she is spayed she will be ready for her new life and new home.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bunny Profile - Belle

Belle is a lion head mix who arrived on January 16, 2009.  She is a sweet, affectionate, clever girl who has been waiting far too long for a family of her own.
Belle loves to give and get kisses, likes to cuddle and can't get enough pets.  She loves her hay and has a healthy appetite for pellets and salads.

Belle is a playful girl who enjoys doing a "bunny 500" to stretch her legs and loves to play with cardboard boxes and has lots of fun exploring her surroundings.  She shows her mischievous side, as she steals a piece of paper and runs away with it for a nibble!  When she wants some quiet time, she finds a sunny spot to have a nap.

Belle would really like to find a loving home of her own.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bunny Profile - Clive

Clive is an adult male, lionhead mix.  He was living as a stray for five to six months before coming to New Moon on October 14, 2010.  He would love to find a forever home and people of his own to love.

Clive is an elegant and personable black lionhead mix rabbit with a beautiful white spot on his nose. He is a very friendly and happy bunny who is cautious at first, but quickly gets used to his new surroundings.  He does not mind being held and snuggled and is easy to pick up. He loves attention and quite enjoys a good petting as his fur is very soft.

During his free time he likes to explore and makes wonderful little binkies.  He also loves when you sit with him on the floor to pet him. Clive never bites and loves having his forehead stroked. He has shown no destructive tendencies at all in his foster home and would do well as a free-range or partially free-range bunnyClive has excellent litter habits. He is very active, and would do well in a home where he has lots of room to explore and play. He can be a bit jumpy when he encounters strange noises, strange people or sudden movements. He has a great appetite and love to eat hay, greens and carrots.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bunny Profile - Grace

Grace is an adult female, dutch mix.  She arrived on December 1, 2010 after living as a stray under a patio at Grace O'Malley's for quite some time.  She would love to have a family and a home to call her own.

Grace is a sweet and very friendly little girl.  She likes to play and cuddle and will come greet you especially if you have a treat!  She is a very good eater and loves her greens and hay. Grace is very inquisitive and loves to explore. She really enjoys being out and about exploring her surroundings – she particularly likes to climb on top of things such as boxes, bags, stools...etc...  As long as she can jump on it, it’s a good place to be as far as she’s concerned.  She has good litter box habits and is not destructive. Grace does not really like to be caged and would thrive as a free range bunny or having a large area or room to call her own. She loves to have lots of room to run. She enjoys pets and is good about being handled. She likes to dig at the corners of her blanket but is not at all destructive. 

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