Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bunny Profile - Belle

Belle is a lion head mix who arrived on January 16, 2009.  She is a sweet, affectionate, clever girl who has been waiting far too long for a family of her own.
Belle loves to give and get kisses, likes to cuddle and can't get enough pets.  She loves her hay and has a healthy appetite for pellets and salads.

Belle is a playful girl who enjoys doing a "bunny 500" to stretch her legs and loves to play with cardboard boxes and has lots of fun exploring her surroundings.  She shows her mischievous side, as she steals a piece of paper and runs away with it for a nibble!  When she wants some quiet time, she finds a sunny spot to have a nap.

Belle would really like to find a loving home of her own.

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