Sunday, February 28, 2010

Introducing Toofers . . .

Toofers, a 4 year old male Holland Lop was surrendered to the Kingston Humane Society in a neglected condition. Not only did he have fleas, which were immediately treated, but his maloccluded incisors were so long that the bottom teeth were cutting his nose and his top teeth were curving around inside and cutting the top inside of his mouth. Needless to say, he was unable to eat! Toofers was rushed into the vet for an emergency tooth trim and it was discovered that the roots were infected.

Needing specialized care and an experienced adopter, the Kingston Humane Society contacted New Moon for help. Toofers will be undergoing surgery to remove all four of his maloccluded incisors on March 2, then will arrive at New Moon for the remainder of his treatment, which could include further antibiotic treatment, molar trimming and of course, a special diet.

Toofers treatment, including the necessary removal of his teeth, will be a significant cost for New us help Toofers and rabbits like him…every donation is immensely appreciated.

Please see our website, New Moon Rabbit Rescue for information on how to make a donation to help Toofers and the other rabbits in our care.

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