Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thank you

I would like to say a much overdue Thank you to everyone who lent their support to our 4th Annual Garage and Bake Sale.  We raised just over $1200 for the wonderful New Moon Bunnies!

There are so many people who help to make this event a success every year.

* Everyone who donated items to the garage sale.  Without your continued donations, this event wouldn't be possible!  Please contact us if you have any items to donate to future garage sales.  Thank you for all the treasures!

* Everyone who helped with set up and during the sale itself.  It wonderful to have people who want to help us help the bunnies!  Thanks for your hard work!

* Everyone who donated items to our bake sale.  Once again you all provided us with some delicious goodies!  I won't get into specifics, but I helped the bunnies by purchasing many yummy snacks through out the day!

* Everyone who came to shop!  Thank you for every treasure that you bought and every donation that you put in the jar is very much appreciated by us and the bunnies!

Mark your calendars for the first weekend in May next year, when we will do it all over again!!

Thank you so much!

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