Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bunny Profile - Eric

On 1 August 2009, at only 4 weeks old, Eric arrived with his nine brothers and sisters after being rescued from an burrow underneath a families front deck. Many of his brothers and sisters have already found their forever homes while Eric still waits. Eric is a gorgeous young boy with a pure white coat and blue/gray points. He also has red eyes which may be the very reason he still waits for a home. Many people find red eyes to be unattractive or even disturbing. Leaving some of the most affectionate and loving rabbits waiting for homes for far too long.

In the words of his current foster mum;

“Eric is still somewhat nervous in general. For the most part when he is laid back and relaxing he can be bit standoffish. I don’t think it’s so much that he’s shy, it’s more like he’s his own man and just not a cuddle bunny. He’ll accept a head rub on his own terms when he’s ready, and not a minute before!! Eric is quite the explorer and loves checking out his area after things have been changed around, or inspecting rooms outside his area.

There were only a couple of problems with him chewing corners in the beginning, but he quickly caught on that the cardboard and wood structures and toys were much better. He does very well free range 24/7. I can’t really say he has any bad habits and he has almost perfect litter habits, leaving only a few “cocoa puffs” right outside his litter boxes.

He likes to stretch his legs every now and then with a good bunny 500 run, then follow it up with a nice flop. When allowed he loves to laze the day away under the bed. He’ll chew his way through grass balls, and nibble to his heart’s content on grass mats (especially when treats are hidden in the weave). Eric doesn’t like being picked up, or getting head/body rubs for too long! (but did enjoy cuddles with a previous foster) And he’s not a connoisseur of horror movies...”

If you are interested in adopting Eric or any other New Moon Rabbit Rescue rabbit please visit our website at www.newmoonrabbitrescue.ca and fill out an Adoption Application.

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  1. He is gorgeous:) www.rabbitsanctuary.com.au not sure where you are in the world but hope the plug on +1 helps find him a home:)


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