Friday, June 17, 2011

Bunny Profile - Perline

Perline is a beautiful and tiny Mini Rex. She is one of 7 rabbits that were transferred to New Moon Rabbit Rescue from Montreal SPCA on 11 June 2011. She was originally brought to the SPCA on 12 March 2011 as an owner surrender.

Perline is young, born in Sept 2010. We chose sweet Perline to come to New Moon because she was not coping well with shelter life. She was showing aggression to the staff and to make matters worse is an unspayed female right in the middle of adolescence! In that situation she didn't stand a chance of adoption. However since she has been here she has been a sweet heart and spend most of her time begging for attention. Once she has had her spay which is scheduled for 24 June 2011 we are more than confident that these issues will no longer be any concern.

Perline is very playful. She loves her run time and loves to interact with you inside and outside of her cage. She loves to explore and binky and she chins absolutely everything she can find - even you! She loves her hay and greens but is less impressed with her pellets and would prefer to avoid them all together.

She is working on her litter training but she needs her spay before she will be able to figure this out but she is young and has lots of time for boring things like that!!

If you are interested in adopting Perline or any other New Moon Rabbit Rescue rabbit please visit our website at and fill out an Adoption Application.

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