Monday, June 6, 2011

UPDATED Bunny Profile: Grace

Grace is an adult female, Dutch mix. She arrived at New Moon Rabbit Rescue on 1 December 2010 after living as a stray under a patio at Grace O'Malley's for quite some time. She would love to have a family and a home to call her own.

Grace is a very sweet and spunky little girl who loves to be out and about with the family. She tolerates being in her cage much better now that she has become more used to it but would really love to be a free-range bunny ALL of the time, or at least when you're home.

Grace is currently in foster care with a family who has small children and large dogs. She is no longer the timid bunny she was when she first arrived and now greets everyone, including the dogs when they approach her cage. When out her of cage she is a clown who really enjoys climbing, dancing and playing. She enjoys exploring her surroundings – she particularly likes to climb on top of things such as boxes, bags, stools...etc... As long as she can jump on it, it’s a good place to be as far as she’s concerned. She will cuddle with you while you relax after work and watch that movie that you've been dying to see, or entertain you with her binky-jumps while she dances around the house while you're making dinner or reading with your cup of coffee.

Grace has shown interest in her foster-home's resident rabbit and would most likely do well with another bunny or bunny-savvy animal pal in her future home. She's a social and friendly girl who thrives with pets and snuggles. Grace is not a picky eater, and LOVES her fresh hay and enjoys a variety of fruits and veggies. She has good litter box habits and is not destructive.

Grace is ready and looking for her future forever family, and can't wait to meet you!

If you are interested in giving Grace or another New Moon bunny a forever home, please visit our website at for more information and to fill out our Adoption Application.

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