Monday, October 31, 2011

Bunny Profile - Zinka

Zinka is a beautiful little Netherland Dwarf. She is one of 10 rabbits that came to New Moon Rabbit Rescue on 27 June 2011 as part of a massive SPCA seizure of 200+ rabbits in the Manitoulin Island area.

Zinka, as well as the other nine rabbits from the seizure were all treated for Pasteurella and other respiratory issues due to their pasteurella infections as well as several other health issues. Zinka responded very well to her treatment and made an excellent recovery.  Zinka also had a small abscess removed at the time of her spay and is due for a recheck with her Doctor to make sure everything is doing well.

She is available for adoption.

Zinka is curious, sweet and fearless.  She loves to investigate and explore what’s going on around her.  She likes to be held and pet and doesn’t mind being picked up, carried around but she would often rather explore and play on her own four feet.  Zinka is not fond of being in her cage and can be a bit nervous when you are trying to let her out for a play.  However once she is out and about all the nervousness slips away.  She loves the company of her foster family.

When out and playing she does not pay much attention to baseboards, cords or other things that bunnies commonly like to nibble on.  She would much rather have cereal boxes to chew on and play in while she is exploring and zipping about!

Zinka is doing very well with her litter training.  Although it is not perfect quite yet, the only accidents she has are in her cage and next to the box.  She is not afraid of dogs or cats and if her furry friends are calm and accepting of her, she will sit with them or even on them if the situation calls for it!

Zinka is such a happy little girl.  She has left all her bad memories behind her and enjoys life to the fullest.

If you are interested in adopting Zinka or any other New Moon Rabbit Rescue rabbit please visit our website at and fill out an Adoption Application.

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