Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bunny Profile - Venus & Athena

Venus and Athena arrived on 22 October 2011.  These beautiful little sisters are approx 4-5 months of age and at this time are still getting along very well.
Venus & Athena on 22 October 2011

Venus, the smaller of the two girls is the cuddle bug. She is cautious at first and not that adventurous until she gets comfortable with you in the room. She seems like a typical little sitter who wants to be with someone (bunny or human) at all times. She is quite the jumper too. She loves having room to run and will binky almost uncontrollably the whole time she's out. She seems grateful for everything she gets and won't hesitate to give you kisses.

She is playful and loves to run around showing off how big her binkies can be.  Venus also loves to throw her toys and will even try to play catch with her human friends.

Pictures of Venus from 1 November 2011

She is very trusting and grateful for all the love and attention she can get.  She wants nothing more than to give you her love and is hoping to find the family of her dreams very soon.

Athena is the adventurer! She is first to explore the room and binky off the couch. She seems very comfortable in almost any situation and enjoys jumping in and out of the cage to sprint around the room. She is quite the jumper also. She loves having room to run and will binky almost uncontrollably the whole time she's out. She seems grateful for everything she gets.

Pictures of Athena from 1 November 2011

Just like her little sister, she loves to throw her toys but as far as Athena is concerned – The louder the better!  She seems to be quite connected to those around her and is already starting to understand the meaning of no.  Athena will stretch out and listen to all your troubles, she loves being spoken to.  I guess she has those big ears for a reason!

Both girls are working very hard to learn the litter training but being so young, they haven’t got it all figured out yet.  They will be having their spays within the next month and this should help them greatly. 

Currently, Venus and Athena are a bonded pair but because of their age this may have to change before they are able to be spayed.  We always make every effort to keep bonded pairs together but unfortunately for their own health and safety we have no choice but to separate them.

They are scheduled for their spays on 23 November 2011 and will be available for adoption after they have had time to recover.

If you are interested in adopting these beautiful girls or any other New Moon bunnies please visit our website at www.newmoonrabbitrescue.ca and fill out an Adoption Application.

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