Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bunny Profile - Iggy

Iggy has been at New Moon since 1 August 2010.  At only 4 weeks old, he arrived with his nine brothers and sisters after being rescued from an burrow underneath a families front deck.  Many of his brothers and sisters have already found their forever homes while Iggy still waits.  Iggy is a gorgeous young boy with a pure white coat and blue/gray points.  He also has red eyes which may be the very reason he still waits for a home.  Many people find red eyes to be unattractive or even disturbing.  Leaving some of the most affectionate and loving rabbits waiting for homes for far too long.

Iggy is a laid back lad!  He is not nippy at all and seems to enjoy the company of any and all types of animals.  He is very inquisitive and loves to be pet, especially nose rubs!  He may be a little shy at first but once he has had a chance to get to know you, you will have a friend for life.  Iggy tolerates being picked but once you are securely holding him he loves a good cuddle.  He seems quite comfortable with children and has never bitten or shown any cage aggression.  He may grunt when he is looking for some quiet time but we all have bad days!.

Iggy is litter trained both in his cage and while he is out playing.  At present he is not a big chewer and leaves the furniture alone.  He loves to play with empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls and loves to fling around his straw ball.

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