Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bunny Profile - McCartney

McCartney has been at New Moon since 1 August 2010.  At only 4 weeks old, he arrived with his nine brothers and sisters after being rescued from an burrow underneath a families front deck.  Many of his brothers and sisters have already found their forever homes while McCartney still waits. He is a handsome black boy who needs a family to call his own.

McCartney is a curious, friendly boy who will nudge you for attention but does not enjoy cuddling.  In his current foster home, he quickly learned that doing trick would earn him some extra treats!  He has lots of fun looking for treats in his digging box and shows his excitement at meal time by running around in circles!

McCartney is an adventurous boy who loves to explore and find new things to get into, he will need a well bunny proofed home with lots of safe things to play with to keep him occupied!

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