Friday, January 21, 2011

Bunny Profile - Neville

Neville came to New Moon on 10 April 2009. He has such a severe fear of humans that we are prepared for the fact that he may never be adoptable. Neville was born in April 2007 and  originally came from a rabbit mill. He was so traumatized that after a year of working with him his previous owner was yet to emotionally reach him and she herself had become emotionally exhausted by her efforts.  When he came to us our first thoughts were "Unbelievably frightened of humans - so much so, that he is a danger to himself".

Little has changed with Neville and he prefers the safety of his cage.  Once he gets to know you he is happy to show you how well he binkies and how much fun his toys are.  He will flop in your presence to show you how happy he is but is terrified of most forms of human contact.  We recommend a very large enclosure or homemade cage in an area where he can receive lots of human contact but still feels protected by the walls that separate him.  He needs a home that will respect and accept him for who he is, perhaps allowing him to someday form a bond of trust with even one person.

Neville will be adopted only to an EXPERIENCED home without children. 

Neville is a beautiful little boy, in looks and spirit.  He deserve to be happy just like all other bunnies and wants nothing more than to be safe and loved.  We continue to hold out hope that someday his special person will come along and forever change his life.

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