Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bunny Profile - Spook

Spook is a grey, mixed breed adult female who arrived on October 31, 2010.

She is a sweet, friendly girl who enjoys being pet, but isn't overly fond of being picked up.  She is a little bit nervous, but does like people and other small animals.  She is currently residing happily in a busy and sometimes loud family household!

Spook loves her hay, pellets, veggies and treats, especially banana.  One of her favourite pastimes is digging, especially in a box of shredded newspaper.  She loves having her hay served to her in a box or tube that she can throw around while snacking on it.  She is skilled in the art of the bunny flop.

Spook isn't fully litter trained yet, but she is getting better about not leaving messes when she exploring outside of her cage.  She is a little on the mischievous side as she enjoys chewing on things that little bunnies shouldn't chew on when she is having her play time.  She will need a well bunny proofed play area!

Spook is patiently waiting for a home to call her own.

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